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Centurylink Complaint - Record all calls w/ this company
Centurylink Complaint

Centurylink Complaint


Record all calls w/ this company

After cancelling my centurylink services they still charged me. For 3 months in a row I called & cancelled & they kept charging me for each month. Each time I called they said I was under what they call a "verbal agreement" for changing a service which I was NEVER told about nor was I ever provided any information about in writing. When I asked to see proof of this agreement they said they had it there. I asked for it but they couldn't provide it. They charged me for a "early termination fee" which the only one I was ever advised about was the 2 yr agreement I full filled @ 8 yrs ago. I have proof of getting different services. I have no proof of anything from them. centurylink turned me over to collections several months ago & I have been going back & forth w/ the collection agency for a few months now & writing letters & sending proof. Now I get a letter from the collection company & copies of the bills I already had from when centurylink didn't disconnect me for 3 months. Guess when they want payment? Now. Now I just got my phone records from my cell company so I have that proof also that I called them.

A very interesting point is this: I ran into an acquaintance that I haven't seen in a while. She told me she was out of work because she she couldn't morally or ethically do what she was asked to do. Where did she quit from? centurylink, because she couldn't lie like they do. I told her about charging me for "early termination & she said that's what they do. centurylink doesn't tell you that you are under contract when you change to a high speed internet which wasn't any faster & didn't fix anything. Makes me think they never did change it because I have read MANY complaints of this & these people were not changed to a higher speed. Then I was telling her how I had called on numerous occasions to be disconnected but wasn't for several months & they kept charging me all this time. She told me yep, thats how they operate, charge you for "early termination fee" that they don't tell you about & don't disconnect you & keep charging you. I have read many complaints like this that about early termination fees that people weren't told about & not disconnecting. After how many attempts & asking for records of conversation month after month centurylink couldn't provide the records & say people didn't call. Big Fat LIES!!!!! I read one like this that a different phone company did a 3 line call w/ their new customer & centurylink to disconnect. centurylink didn't disconnect, kept charging the person but had disconnected the long distance so this person was getting charged for a service they didn't have.

This company is not ethical & the people they hire are immoral. I do not see how after calling how many times not getting disconnected but still charging me is even legal.

There have been several class action suits against centurylink. This isn't just a small problem. It is an epidemic w/ this company. I am currently looking into finding a class action law suit to join or I am going to start one. I am NOT going to pay money to anyone or any company that I Do NOT owe. centurylink treats their customers like crap. My personal opinion is to not get involved w/ centurylink!

Name: Jo Ellen Jenkins from La Crosse, WI 54601

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kahlib says: (1 year ago)
I have the same story. Wow many years now. How do we stop them. I was never told I was in a contract when I called to canceled. otherwise I wouldn't of canceled! my email is allure57032@gmail.com if anyone has started a class action lawsuit. Ill gladly tell my story and join

cthedens says: (1 year ago)
Add me to the list! I have been overcharged from the get go! I cancelled my service, returned the equipment. They have not credited me for my payments or for the return of their equipment. They are now threatening to put a black mark on my credit report because I will not pay for something I already paid for.

Staples1 says: (4 years ago)
Dear Jo Ellen and other -
Has anyone helped you against Century Link and it's practices? I am a small business owner and canceled my services with them a month ago. Today I received a bill for $7500.00 in overage charges over last 12 months. This was never communicated to me until now.
I'm looking for a lawyer.
Please contact me if you have any information.
Gloria@Contrerasedinlaw.com or at (651) 890-2996.

catzback says: (4 years ago)
I can't get help, they sold me the bundle with Direct TV knowing their internet connection was too slow to even use Direct TV. I need resources! I did file an FCC complaint yesterday. Something fishy is going on here and the government needs to get involved!


Tulipsmom says: (4 years ago)
I'm going though the same thing. I was a customer for years, I moved within the same town and planned on using the same service. After nearly a month in the new house, getting the run around from Century Link about getting the service set up I finally gave up and went with a different company. I cancelled the service with Century Link, have a confirmation number, but still continue to get bills. A week ago I received yet another bill for over $500. for services I don't have. I've called them nearly 100 times, give the cancellation confirmation number and then 2-3 weeks later get another - higher bill. I'm looking for an attorney now, so if anyone has information on putting together a class action suit please let me know!

dmott37 says: (4 years ago)
i am a field tech for the company and i will definatly join a class action suit!!!!!! they did the exact same thing to me and I install and maintain tv services!! where are you guys with this?? I am fed up!!!!

dschling says: (4 years ago)
I am in the same situation. I continue to be a target of exploitation from Centurylink. Here is my situation. I hae been a loyal customer of Qwest for over 15 years. For $29 per month i was recieving internet service. Several years ago, I moved to Cottage Grove, MN and had my service with Qwest transfered. Qwest sold this business to Centurylink. At that time my service went up to $60 per month. After noticing an add from Centurylink to have 7 Megabites per second service for $29 per month. I decided to call Centrylink and ask them what kind of service I should be get at my home for $60 per month. The responce was +100 Megabites per second. I emediately asked them to move me to the 7 megabites per second rate at $29 per month. (This was Centurylinks Lowest rate they offered). Speed over 5 Megabites per second are not possible to my home. This has been speed tested and retested after Qwest installed a new cable to the home several years ago. Now every years Centrylink has been trying to raise my internet connection costs without providing me any better service. I would like to join or start a Class Action Lawsuite against Centurylink since thier only goal is to get every household up to the $100 per month service and Monopilize the market by running out the compition. Thier plan is to get everyone on a bundle package using thier promotional tactics. Centurylink even offered to take over the billing of my Verizon cell phone accounts. Why would i trust Centurylink with more of my money when they insist on raping me for the services i already have with them. I beleive it is time for some Laywer/s to stand up to this company and put them in thier place on behalf of the general public. No company has the right to restrict the access to the internet by making the cost unbareable, unreasonalbe or unjustified to the general public. The general public will option to not have internet at the costs that Centurylink is providing. They have monopilized the service in my area of the country. Imagine the general public not having access to the internet. No more, medical insurance, shopping, banking or Intertainment. It will simply kill the economy. Nothing in our lives today can be done without internet access. Centurylink is just taking advantage of the Public for something that was intended to free. Our government needs to wake up and understand this concept and put a stop to those compaines like Centurylink that feel they need to exploit the costs to access the internet for the general public. I don't think companies Like Microsoft, Google, Facebook would be very happy if the general public cannot afford Internet access. I sure they would be more than happy to assist in this Class Action Lawsuit and go after the exploitation of any company that is going to have a negative impact thier futures.

Kristi999 says: (5 years ago)
I'm with you. When I cancelled, I thought everything was fine. They said they would send me a box and label to return my modem and that was what they required. They didn't send it. They didn't bill me for it. They waited about 4 months and then turned me over to collections.

jeff1029 says: (6 years ago)
Im in the same boat century link needs to be sued for lies and trying to rip people off if there is a suit out there please sign me up

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