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Centurylink Complaint - Prism TV install
Centurylink Complaint

Centurylink Complaint


Prism TV install

I ordered the triple Prism bundle in Cape coral Fl around 3/25 and cancelled my direct tv on the 27th (end of billing cycle) They told me originally it would be installed 3/31 then changed to 4/1 with an appointment around one o'clock..on 4/1 1pm comes and goes..call them about 3 and person answering says that she had installation listed as anywhere between 9 and 5.. 5p comes and second call into them and they tell me that some of their lines were accidentally cut and all techs were sent to work on that problem, but that they would be doing installations all weekend. Sat morn around 10a tech shows up but can't do anything because the outside prep work wasn't done. Outside tech shows up later and finishes outside prep by 3pm. No call till Monday the 4th and then they tell me that the techs were given more work than the could handle and that the earliest someone would hook me up was a week from today on the 11th (if they even were to show up). Told them to cancel my order...If they can't handle a simple install what's gonna happen when I have a problem?!

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AlphaOmega1010 says: (5 years ago)
I absolutely love CenturyLink. I have excellent internet/phone service and a great technician who did the install and installed a new phone jack (GRATIS) then came out to repair ALL the broken jacks in the house (GRATIS, as I had also elected the inside wiring maintenance plan ( a no brainer as I have had that with any and all phone companies I have ever dealt with).

Had PRISM been available for my house on my block that week I would have jumped on it. However, that was not the case. So I installed an MOHU Ultimate Leaf antenna on all my TVs and then installed streaming media devices on all TVs and well for $7.99/month I get all the video and live TV along with 11 network and local network channels. My phone and internet service are simply lightning fast. Oh, and no lies from CenturyLink as was the case with Mediacom.

Duckman says: (5 years ago)
I ordered prism TV in Colorado Springs two weeks ago. I set the install date for today from 1pm to 5pm. Told Direct TV that I needed the disconnect for today as well, so at 1201am today, DTV disconnected. Prism tech called me at at 10am to let me know that he would be there to install at 2pm or would call me if he was running late. Was pretty nice that he called me to give me the heads up.

So here is where the fun begins. 5pm comes around so I call back into the sales department and asked what was up with my technician. They said they would page him and his manager and he should be calling me within 15 minutes. They at least said they were sorry. 30 minutes roll around and sure enough, no call back. So I call back and ask for a manager, spend 30 minutes in a queue so I hang up and call back. I get a tech and they say they are now closed cause it is past 6pm and there is nothing they can do for me.

So now I call the tech that was supposed to do the install. He said he is still at the last job and was not going to make it tonight. I asked for a manager to call me and guess what, no call.

THESE GUYS ARE JOKES SO FAR. Dont get them unless you dont need TV service for several weeks.

kcioma says: (5 years ago)
I've been having problems with my expensive wireless TV headphones ever since Prism was installed. I get nothing but static now whereas before I could get stereo sound. CenturyLink came out and said one of the cell towers must have increased their frequency at the same time I had the install. Right!!! That's a cop out. I did some research and called around to some audio experts and they told me that was a cop out and that CenturyLink just didn't want to fix the problem.
In addition to that, now the automatic garage door won't open half the time and when it does you have to be right up to the door.

Has anyone else had these issues?

kfrem says: (6 years ago)
Wish I would have found this website before I signed up. Experiencing almost all the symptoms others have written about. Can't wait for this year to be up.

JoBabe says: (6 years ago)
I have been with CenturyLink Prism for less than a year and have had to call them out constantly. The TV freezes up, no telephone service, internet goes out, you name it. I pay alot of money for this service and they treat you like dirt. I'm waiting right now for someone to come out to fix my TV AGAIN. I was told they would be here at 8AM. When I called asking where the tech is I was told he would be here between 8-10AM. NOT WHAT I WAS TOLD. I do not like being LIED to. I have things to do as well. I got up early to be ready for this guy. Anyone thinking about signing up with CenturyLink Prism, think again. Find another service. This company is the worst.

cinimn53 says: (6 years ago)
I would like to "thank" prism link for a year of hell.
immediately after being installed in sept.2011, I had problems every thing was wrong, after calling from sept. to feb. nothing got done tech that came out had no idea. finally it was figured that prism had updated the system and forgot to update my system.so there you go 5 months oh when they wanted their bill to be paid and didn't get it they sure were on the ball and let me know about it. now we go other issures started happening called they said that when everything settles about updating system it should be fine,,, by may I had had enough and faithfully called when ever hbo on demand would freeze, stop, go back to beginning or going to end of movie! so from may to nov every excuse from there is no error on their end to I have a neighor somewhere messing up my tv!!!! finally a tech said everyone that have the hd service was having my same problem and would submit it to his boss etc... and no reason to keep calling as it won't be any use!!! then a tech from prism told me that when they installed prism they didn't up grade my cables and as my tv was hd able should have put a different cable, so don't get it... oh I asked to be refunded at least for 6 months of bill. they very nicely awarded me on month and ten bucks more????? thanks alot!!! well they can spend all their money on tv adds but they forget through this forum and just sharing to others they have just spent money to get more customers but don't seem to care about us customers. oh and by the way claims they make on the tv are lies. you can't watch more than one show on one screen that inserted box last about 3 minutes so that's a flat out lie wow I feel much better....oh did I mention I hate prism, most tech didn't have a clue but the ones that did were excellent, same goes for the the techs that came to the house. but customer service...forget them, they were the most un caring people I have ever dealt with. I felt I was a criminal to even bother them. well this started to be a comment about waiting yeah right good luck with that....

mdon712 says: (7 years ago)
hi my name is melissa. i have been haveing big problems with prism from day one and now my tv is blown up does not work at all. prism distroyed my new 50" samsung flat screen plasma tv i payed 1000 dollars for, less then a year ago.and a tv that is 4 months old as well has been cracking and popping since prisim was installed. I spoke to "Johnethen Cain" one of the "managers" he told me it was my tv or someyhing i had conected or how the house was wired ... anything but their falt, im calling my lawyer next. dont get prism if you value your tvZ.

cantu77 says: (7 years ago)
They just strait out lie to you. I was told i was getting a bundle. they Sent dish network to my home for tv service and said we were going to get a single bill from them. Then i was getting a bill from dish network and them and when i called they said they dont use dish network. I couldnt believe what i heard. I must have asked 10 times to make sure how much the bill would be. And when i got the bill it was $40 a month higher than i was quoted. Never again!!!!

PhotoJim says: (7 years ago)
I signed up for Prism. Picture was great! The signal feed CRASHED after 6 days, because it is a telephone company first (with union repair men) it took 32 hours to get a repair guy to my house.... that sucks when you want to watch TV. It was repaired and 10 days later it crashed again. It was THREE DAYS (3) before a repair man came to my house and explained they were having problems at their switching station, "sending new technology through antiquated equipment". The reason I tried Prism was my DISH TV signal would fade out during a rain storm. Dish TV signal loss for a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes OR Prism signal loss for three days? DUH! I cancelled Prism and went back to DISH TV!

jah1971 says: (7 years ago)
Or, how about when you call for prices you get someone you can hardly understand....im still not sure what the prices are or even if im scheduled or maybe she said i just won the lottery....not really sure but not a good way to start

RonnieC says: (7 years ago)
I'm really worried, I ordered prism tv and they've already messed up the installation time; suppose to be Oct 3,they scheduled for Nov. 3. Now moved up to Oct. 11. Also after reading comments here and other places I'm starting to have buyers regret.

setterman says: (8 years ago)
Same thing happened to me. On May 26th I was suppose to get my Prism package. When the installer came to my home they said that the pre install work was not done yet. So all that happened that day was the pre install. Rescheduled the install for the following Friday. Then when the installer showed up he said that he was receiving error messages and that the pre install was not correct and that would have to wait and some one would call and work everything out. No one called and I also did not have any phones after he messed with the wiring outside the home. I finally called for the 5th or sixth time (got hung up on a couple times and I was being polite thinking I would be treated better do to my troubles) and cancelled the install got a tech out to fix the phone and he said all that was wrong was a loose connection and that I should be fine to get Prism. Unfortunately,(after loosing 2 days of my time) it is too late and nobody at Century Link cared enough to earn my business and make things good. I will just stick with Directv. I have little confidence in this company I would warn everyone to be very cautious when considering this entertainment package.

CenturyLinkJoey says: (8 years ago)

My name is Joey and I'm with CenturyLink. Sorry to read about the trouble you've had with Prism. I'll be glad to look into the issue for you. Just email me at Joey@CenturyLink.com with your name, account information and reference your post here on Measuredup.com. Thanks.

Joey H
CenturyLink Customer Outreach

Joey H.
CenturyLink Customer Outreach

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