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Centurylink Reviews

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    We have had Century link (wi-fi and prism) for 5 months. We were initially quoted $60.00 a month for both services. Our first bill came and was over $200.00. We called they said they would fix it and the next bill came way higher than was quoted. This has happened every month for five months with no bill being the same. We have called every month and were told it would be fixed. After calling today, they are still trying to increase the price. We told them we want to cancel the service and now they are trying to charge us hundreds of dollars in fees. This company is a joke! I... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Topgummer's Picture   Topgummer    0 Comments   Comments
  • 12 Years and Instabilities

    CenturyLink has been the primary and only provider for my family and I for the past 12 years. We lived out of the way, there weren't many communities back then, and 1.5 mbs wasn't so bad. Though what was bad was that we had to call a Century Link representative around once a month to get our internet back up and running, see a technician around once or twice a year, sometimes 3 or 4! Only to be told we have an unstable pair and there was nothing they could do. As time went on, communities started to develop, and CenturyLink expanded their lines, even down our street a little. A... More...
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    Crispy's Picture   Crispy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dishonest or Inept?

    Century Link used to be a relatively good company. We had service with them and then we had to move where they didn't have any service. We got to a place where we could sign up again and it was like signing up with a different company. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. They screwed up my billing several different times and charged me out the nose on late fees. A couple of months ago I set it up on Auto-pay feeling that maybe things would finally work out. Just today I got a disconnect notice so I called and they said that we never set up Auto-pay. I don't... More...
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    rkwalden's Picture   rkwalden    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unreliable Garbage

    I've ran with century for a long time now because its the only internet in my area that's worth anything. But I have had continues problems with it, and no matter how many times we call, how many times we complain, they continue to just give us complete crap for what we really pay for. We pay for almost 90% more speed than what we ACTUALLY get, and it has periods of times that last from days to weeks, and sometimes even MONTHS where the internet is so slow its hard to get anything done. Although I know this review will probably change nothing due to centurylink's poor... More...
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    elbantito's Picture   elbantito    0 Comments   Comments
  • billing issues

    I have been with centurylink for 2 months now... I've called them more in the time I've had them then any other people like my cell phone carrier. .ect. I have to talk to AT LEAST 5 or more people to finally help me, I get transferred several times, deal with nothing but rude reps. I've only talked to 2 people who actually understood me as well as actually tried to help. Everyone else talks over you, won't help you, transfers and hangs up on you and just gives you the run around. They refuse to help you and I only came to them because my brother recommend them. I will... More...
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    shaeshae24's Picture   shaeshae24    0 Comments   Comments
  • CenturyLink unrequested "add on".

    I've been a CenturyLink customer for about fourty years. Most of that time I have had no complaints. However, about a week ago I received an offer in the mail from them to upgrade my download speed to 10kbps. I had no idea what my speed was so I called and said ok. Today I received a letter thanking me for subscribing to a series of services called "CenturyLink @Ease - standard". To me this said, you've been had! I have no idea the cost of this service but I called and cancelled it. 15 Jan 2014 Sneaky - or a very fast talking sales person and an unsuspicious me? More...
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    chksix's Picture   chksix    0 Comments   Comments


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