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Centurylink Reviews

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  • Unauthorized charge of $480 in Direct TV bundle

    CenturyLink thinks it can steal $484 from me. My wife called CenturyLink for clarification on why our internet bill had increased by a couple dollars a month. The representative she pitched the idea of bundling internet with basic Direct TV service for almost the same amount per month. She told him she needed to check with me. So the rep called back and we both spoke with him. We asked him about set up charges and other hidden charges. He told us there would be a one time set up charge of between $50 and $54, but that he would send us a Visa gift card for $50 so that the set up would cost... More...
    hverb810's Picture   hverb810    0 Comments   Comments
  • Centurylink Lack of Customer Service

    Before I got TV with Century link everything was going well. The connection, service and the price but once trying to get TV through them everything has changed. they dont value and discounts and deals advertise and they over charge and try to charge when you want services cancelled. They are not customer friendly and they dont want whats best for the customer. They wont even own up to their errors More...
    (Cable TV)
    qakaqmac14's Picture   qakaqmac14    0 Comments   Comments

    I signed up for Century link internet service and Direct Tv bundle on the 9th of March..When i received the package i was advised that there was a 30 day grace period that i could cancel without a early termination fee. Called to cancel Direct tv and i was advised that i would have to pay early termination fee for over 439.00 for every month of service in their contract because I didnt cancel on or before the 15 day cancellation period..HERE'S THE CATCH TODAY IS MARCH 24(15TH DAY)...I advised the Direct Tv/ and Century Link that its in my 15 day grace period...DIRECT TOLD ME THAT DUE... More...
    (Cable TV)
    TDOFF25's Picture   TDOFF25    0 Comments   Comments
  • At home internet

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Wow! all i can say is wow! i just dealt with the WORST customer service representative EVER!!!! He was so rude i hung up the phone before i could get my problem resolved. there is a reason i left this god for saken comapny months ago! of course the man did not give me his name but he did not speak english well. (not surprised they all don't) how does a company mange to stay in business when they don't give at !@#$ about their customers. you should be ashamed of your self CenturyLink More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    arose123's Picture   arose123    1 Comments   Comments
  • Century Link Steals from Elderly Women

    I deal with my mother-in-law's (87 with dementia) phone and it is billed to me. On a past move, CENTURY LINK'S service was so horribly poor I contacted the CEO and after two months, they issued a $120.00 credit, simply for my trouble (and about 18 hours of my own time invested to accomplish a move). Now we had to transfer the phone. We still had a credit with them but when they set up the new line, they: 1. Didn't transfer the old credit 2. Charged both the old line and new line for service in an overlapping period. 3. Charged for the moving cost twice. 4. Committed to stop... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    Gottry's Picture   Gottry    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad customer service

    Our experience with Century Link 1) We waited two weeks for our modem to get here. We called them every few days, each time they assured us it should be here by tomorrow. Never came 2)One time we called we were told they could send us a new modem but we would be charged for it. 3) Finally called and asked "How we can actually get a modem?!" They said we can go down to Quest a pick one up if we wanted too. Had we known that we would have done that in the beginning. 4) Our bill comes and we are charged shipping and handling for the modem that was never sent. Plus full amount... More...
    (Cable TV)
    rutabaga888's Picture   rutabaga888    0 Comments   Comments
  • CenturyLink unrequested "add on".

    I've been a CenturyLink customer for about fourty years. Most of that time I have had no complaints. However, about a week ago I received an offer in the mail from them to upgrade my download speed to 10kbps. I had no idea what my speed was so I called and said ok. Today I received a letter thanking me for subscribing to a series of services called "CenturyLink @Ease - standard". To me this said, you've been had! I have no idea the cost of this service but I called and cancelled it. 15 Jan 2014 Sneaky - or a very fast talking sales person and an unsuspicious me? More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    chksix's Picture   chksix    0 Comments   Comments
  • Final bill with no explanation of charges

    I had bundled service with Direct TV and Century Link. I started with Direct TV and then added the internet with Century Link later. I never had issues with Direct TV. I always knew what my bill was going to be - no question. After acquiring Century Link, my bill would differ, sometimes as much as $30.00. When I would call they would always give me some excuse that it was due to Direct TV. I of course wondered why things were different now. Anyway, I have moved in with my fiance who had Comcast for his TV and internet. I talked him into switching his TV to Direct TV but made sure... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    twill91068's Picture   twill91068    0 Comments   Comments
  • Century Link --- WORST MISTAKE EVER

    I have had Century Link internet for almost two years. And in that two years they had pulled the installation money directly from my credit card twice in one month and I was not refunded. My router restarts itself atleast 10-20 times a day, each time it does I get disconnected from the internet. Then it finally crapped on me. They sent me a new one (and didn't give me the week I paid for internet back, though I had none, because THERE merch. took a crap) Then I got my new modem, sent the old one back to find out this month Im getting charged $105.00 for the broken modem they... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    brandik214's Picture   brandik214    0 Comments   Comments
  • Centurylink

    30 days guarantee my ass. I got service aug 20th 2013, and cancel on sept 19th, 2013, and they force a day extra to make it even 30 days. Sent in the modem and does everything they requested, the rep told me I cancel right on time. Cuz their service suck, it dies in and out. Two tech came and fix it and problem was never solve. I had all my info proved and everything showing I cancel it and sent in the modem but, now they making me pay $200 termination fees, and it's due on 10-14-13, but I had an collection letter that is due on 10-7-13. WTF??? STAY AWAY FROM QUEST!!!! I BOUGHT... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • Prism TV - CenturyLink

    I have been with CenturyLink for over 20 Years, formaly known here in NC as Carolina Telephone, Sprint ,Embarq , and now CenturyLink, I got the Prism TV service in July 2013 and we had nothing but issues with it for about 2 months straight. Tech after Tech. But come to find out when you live in rural are they put 2 DSL lines together to make it 1. They had the wrong WIRELESS installed. I had the CISCO wireless router, and when they switched it for the new TECHNICOLOR C2000T router, it works great, no problems at all. I was told that a lot of people have had a lot problems with there TV... More...
    (Cable TV)
    coreyellis2's Picture   coreyellis2    0 Comments   Comments
  • CenturyLink 's Corporate practices are shameful

    I just spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with Century Link trying to resolve a dispute. I am disabled (MS) and I am also payee for my son's Social Security disability (schizophrenia) checks. my son asked me to set up an account for a phone. I called Century Link and began the process of setting up an account. The man taking my info asked if there was a dish on the apartment building roof. I didn't know why he asked and didn't have an answer for him. I called property management and discovered dish satellites are not allowed on the roof. I called Century Link and cancelled... More...
    Klynch56's Picture   Klynch56    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unethical business practices, BEWARE!

    Buyer beware! I do not believe all the customer service reps have been given the same training. They make it up as they go. Every time I have called I get a different answer. I finally decided to cancel my service. I called the day after my contract was up. The women on the phone, first tried to get me to stay with a lower payment for service, when I said no, she told me I would be better off if I just put my account on hold for the next 6 months. That way, if I decided to come back my account would be all ready to just hook up again. What she neglected to tell me is that I would be... More...
  • Prizm/internet

    I signed up for Centurylink/prizm 9 mo's ago. Tv freezes often, with internet goes down multiple times a day. I've had more than 6 technician visits and spoken with more than 30 representatives on the phone. Centurylink claims I have not demonstrated a "continuing problem" and will not release contract. Unbelievably bad product and customer service. More...
    (Cable TV)
    5918's Picture   5918    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bundle service is HORRIBLE!!

    Save yourself a headache every month a pay the extra five dollars you are saving for bundling with Century Link. They are the worst at explaining your bill and if it's a question about DirectTV cause your are bundled, for get it, they cant answer anything, clueless. I've been over billed and on several occasions, had my service disconnected on two occasions? Why IDK, I pay them on time, every time. They disconnected me from DirectTV as my request, but I never requested it. They didn't know why it showed up on my account like that. Bottom line, I don't think Century Link... More...
    (Cable TV)
    anava8's Picture   anava8    0 Comments   Comments
  • Service Just Doesn't Stand Up To The Competition

    I switched from Comcast to Centurylink, bundle for bundle. Worst mistake I've made in a long time. TV service continually freezes for minutes at a time and audio and video get out of sync daily!!! It is really aggravating trying to watch a show and the audio is delayed by 5 seconds. Was told when we signed the contract all four tvs would have HD receivers, but they failed to mention that since we lived more then 5000 feet from the closest DSLAM that only 2 hd programs could be watched or recorded at a time. So let me break it down, if I have a program recording in HD while watching... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • prism tv freezing

    the prism tv has been freezing for over a month and was told that the box was getting hot ,that we need to unplug it when this happens. that would be at least 15 to 20 time a day! the home has plenty of air movement so there has to other issues. the router was changed from a wep to wpa channel but didn't help , so maybe change it back? if this keeps up maybe the bill should be lower til the issue is resolved! More...
    (Cable TV)
    rrs490's Picture   rrs490    0 Comments   Comments
  • Deceptive contracts, terrible customer service

    This is the second and last time I sign up with Centurylink. They are now trying to pop me an early termination fee, though I have no recollection of signing up for such a thing. They say it's on my bill...which I don't get in the mail, and since their website never works properly, I never saw it online. Their customer service is rude and nonsensical. On top of all that, the service is terrible! We signed up for a certain speed, but they could only deliver a speed half of what we're paying for! Unbelievable. Stay away from these thieves at all costs. More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    dcmsideshow's Picture   dcmsideshow    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lied to by Centurylink on price of internet service

    I have had Centurylink internet service since 2006 with no service or billing problems. In Feb. 2013, my router burned out and I was told by tech support to go to a nearby Centurylink store and get another one. I did so, and when I asked how much I owed the clerk said "nothing". At the time I thought, "how nice!"......WRONG. My monthly bill for service has jumped by $35.00 and the rude "customer-no-service" people tell me that by calling tech support, I "verbally agreed" to a one-year contract at this outrageous price. If I cancel my service, I... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    Marybalk's Picture   Marybalk    0 Comments   Comments
  • Service

    This service is absolutely horrible. I just want to upgrade from 256kbps but it isn't available. I has been like this since you came around. What the hell is wrong with you. You don't want to provide good service just because you are lazy and won't come out here to upgrade you posts. You loosing money on top of customers why the hell won't you fix this crap? More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • WORST Company EVER!

    This is absolutely the worst company ever! I would never recommend anyone to get their services. I was lied to over and over again from technical support and was not ever able to connect to the internet. First, the package was mailed to my neighbors house. Second, I had to rearrange my whole office just to get it hooked up for the DSL service. Third, I had to take down and put together my computer 3 different times because technical support thought it could be the phone jack not working properly. Fourth, I was told a technician would arrive at my house and when I decided to cancel... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    AGuider87's Picture   AGuider87    2 Comments   Comments
  • Prism TV

    I have been fortunate with Prism. Nice install crew, and the local store is nearby, so they helped with signing up for rebates, etc... Lots cheaper than my former cable company. As a matter of fact I get phone, TV, and internet for $30 per month less than just cable and internet with the old company. It is not perfect, but neither was the old company. I will recommend Prism to friends and relatives unless something changes! Steve More...
    (Cable TV)
    cubsfan23's Picture   cubsfan23    0 Comments   Comments
  • Incompetent Liars.

    I have never had such a terrible time with a company or service in my life! We have been customers of Centurylink for the past 3.5 years and had issues here and there that were frustrating but nothing extreme. However, for the extent of 6 months they have been AWFUL. We didn't have proper service for a few weeks, during which we were told it'd be fixed within 24.. etc, etc. On one occasion when I phoned in to speak to customer service, I was on hold for over 10 minutes and then the representative put me on hold again before HANGING UP ON ME. I called back to speak with her... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    SMerc's Picture   SMerc    1 Comments   Comments
  • Record all calls w/ this company

    After cancelling my centurylink services they still charged me. For 3 months in a row I called & cancelled & they kept charging me for each month. Each time I called they said I was under what they call a "verbal agreement" for changing a service which I was NEVER told about nor was I ever provided any information about in writing. When I asked to see proof of this agreement they said they had it there. I asked for it but they couldn't provide it. They charged me for a "early termination fee" which the only one I was ever advised about was the 2 yr... More...
    Pearl09's Picture   Pearl09    10 Comments   Comments
  • CenturyLink

    DO NOT GET CENTURY LINK!!! I originally looked into getting the bundle package with Direct TV and before we even got anything installed I started having a multitude of problems with customer service just trying to set the package up the way I wanted. At first I gave the company the benefit of doubt and thought it may be a communication error between Century Link and Direct TV. I was wrong... After 3 days worth of "miscommunication" and incorrect package details I decided to cancel the day of installation. Once again I could not get a hold of anyone at customer service I decided to... More...
    terakeith's Picture   terakeith    0 Comments   Comments
  • Prism TV install

    I ordered the triple Prism bundle in Cape coral Fl around 3/25 and cancelled my direct tv on the 27th (end of billing cycle) They told me originally it would be installed 3/31 then changed to 4/1 with an appointment around one o'clock..on 4/1 1pm comes and goes..call them about 3 and person answering says that she had installation listed as anywhere between 9 and 5.. 5p comes and second call into them and they tell me that some of their lines were accidentally cut and all techs were sent to work on that problem, but that they would be doing installations all weekend. Sat morn around... More...
    (Cable TV)
    rnman's Picture   rnman    47 Comments   Comments
  • Centurylink and Direct TV

    Direct TV — I ordered DTV through Centurylink as a bundle. On 7-20-10 the DTV technician did not install a dish and left no equip, saying he could not do the install. He said he would cancel the service. I also then canceled my Centurylink service within the 30 day cancellation period as well. I continued to receive mail from DTV. I called and was told the cancellation was done improperly. I went to the Direct TV website and filled out the cancellation form and received a Disconnect Order Confirmation #957940480. I expected to get a refund of $35.98. Today instead, I am charged... More...
    (Cable TV)

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Centurylink Comments

bonitas2 says: (8 months ago)
This is our second time with Century Link. No issues the first time around except when our contract was up Comcast was offering a better deal that Century Link could not match. Now the reverse has happened and we are back with Century Link. We have had the service (top bundle package with 400 channels) for less than 2 weeks. We have had 4 replacements for our DVR box. Technician has been to our house each time and has indicated they have had a lot of trouble with the boxes. Not sure if the quality control issues are with Century Link or Motorola. Next, when we placed our order for the bundle services we were promised a $250 gift certificate by Clarissa K (employee number CAG138620) and we are now told that we were promised only $150 as that promotion is no longer valid. Seems Clarissa cannot come clean and has included in her notes on our account that we were promised a $150 gift certificate when services were sold on 8/9/2013. Funny how all of our notes match with what Century Link sold to us except the Gift Certificate. Century Link will not make good on the promise but we are certainly required to uphold our end of the contract. Next, there is a cable connecting services to our home sitting on top of the grass. The frequently visiting technician indicated the burying of the cable is done by subcontractors and can take up to 3 weeks. Lastly, no information was provided as to how to set up voice mail or how to retrieve messages. Seems Clarissa forgot to tell us this AND the fact we had to register on line for the gift certificate to arrive in the mail. Otherwise, there is no certificate and Century Link is not liable. Nice work Century Link. Your customer service sucks!

Brenda33 says: (1 year ago)
After being a Centurylink customer for over 2 years I switched from a phone/internet bundle to Prism's internet/cable bundle. I was informed the internet would be a lot faster with Prism but this was not the case. After 7 months of service and a notice of impending price increases I terminated my service. A few weeks later a larger than expected bill was received into my email. I tried to view the bill thru Century Link's website and could not so I called. I was informed I was charged an early termination fee as I had a verbal contract to retain internet services for 1 year. I explained this was not the case and requested they pull the records of my order call. I was told the records of calls from August 2012 would no longer be available. The rep was rude informing me over and over again that I had agreed to this on multiple occasions. She claimed one of these additional occasions would have been a group pre-install order call which I never received. I told her this and requested she provide me with the date of this call so I could show her phone records that this never occurred. She said it was on August 9th, but would not provide me with an email address or fax # to send call records to telling me it wouldn't matter anyway as I had agreed to this verbal contract and would be charged no matter what. Then the rep that was arguing with me insisting conversations that never occurred had occurred had the nerve to tell me she was tired of arguing with me. After stating there was another customer service # I could call she provided it but only after I requested it 3 times. Of course I did pull my phone records after the call and the phone calls on August 9th were with family and friends.

cubsfan23 says: (2 years ago)
I have been fortunate with Prism. Nice install crew, and the local store is nearby, so they helped with signing up for rebates, etc... Lots cheaper than my former cable company. As a matter of fact I get phone, TV, and internet for $30 per month less than just cable and internet with the old company. It is not perfect, but neither was the old company. I will recommend Prism to friends and relatives unless something changes! Steve

FedUpWithCenturyLink says: (2 years ago)
This is absolutely the WORST company I have ever dealt with in my life. Nothing they say is correct/true. I don't know if they intentionally lie, or if they are just totally incompetent. I think the former.

If you have the luxury of avoiding these people - do so. You will be very sorry if you make any kind of agreement with them. Mark my words.

Someone really needs to look into this corporation's business practices. I have a hard time believing ANY business is really this bad by accident. I think they intentionally do things to have an excuse for overcharging people and hope the client won't notice or fight it.

Never in my life.......

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